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HindexRV® Instrumentation

HindexRV® is a medical and dental system for monitoring the arousal of a subject’s Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) during the use of therapeutic modalities and/or application or modification of intra-oral orthotics. HindexRV® physiological sensors, instrumentation and computer driven programs record 2048 measurements per second, nearly ten times the number of readings than other Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring devices available. The clinician can access objective measurements of ANS arousal instead of relying on subjective feedback from the patient. VIEW OUR PRODUCT VIDEOS

HindexRV® monitoring instrumentation includes: EKG, heart rate [HR], heart rate variability [HRV], respiration rate [RR], and muscle tension [EMG]. It is the only FDA-approved device that assesses multiple physiological processes simultaneously in real time. The HindexRV® enables clinicians to more easily ascertain whether a procedure has been applied most effectively or if a sleep or TMD appliance adjustment is optimally balanced to the patient’s physiology. HindexRV® offers collaborative opportunities by recording objective data of physiological changes that support efficacy of treatment, and which allow for communication with other healthcare practitioners and researchers using a common language. This cutting-edge physiological monitoring system incorporates technology that allows clinicians to correct for artifacts, unlike other products on the market.

HindexRV® Physiological Bite Appliance

The HindexRV® appliance is a custom oral orthotic made to a specific physiological position based on objective monitoring. The oral appliance is designed to treat the symptoms associated with temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD). With the ability to measure muscles, respiration, heart rate, and Heart Rate Variability the HindexRV instrumentation gathers data to confirm a physiological jaw position and posture to which the orthotic is fabricated. On delivery of the appliance any detailed refinements are balanced using the HindexRV monitoring system.

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HindexRV® Balanced Breathing App

HindexRV® Balanced Breathing is a simple yet effective guided breathing exercise that allows you to pair your heart and respiration rate. In a 5 minute exercise you will experience the effects of balanced and therapeutic breathing. This app generates a sound which simulates the breath by gently rising and falling in pitch. The user can follow the sound with his or her own breathing as a means of learning to regulate their breathing pattern. 

In addition, a breathing signal can be displayed as a ball graph that rises and falls, so that you can follow the pacing visually. Using the settings in the HindexRV® Balanced Breathing, you can adjust the sounds which rise and then fall in pitch. You can also set the breathing parameters by adjusting the following settings:
• Breathing Rate 
• Inhalation to exhalation ratio 
• Pause after in-breath 
• Pause after out- breath

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