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HindexRV®: Providing you all the information to succeed

HindexRV® is a FDA-cleared cutting-edge system using physiological sensor instrumentation and computer driven programs. This medical and dental system monitors the arousal of a subject’s autonomic nervous system during the use of therapeutic modalities and/or application or modification of intra-oral orthotics . The benefit of this monitoring system is that the supervising clinician gains an objective reference to whether the therapy/modality has been applied. There is the opportunity to record data of physiological changes to support the efficacy of the treatment and offer the opportunity to communicate with other healthcare practitioners and researchers using a common language.

The two day training workshop will enable practitioners to immediately begin to incorporate physiological monitoring into their practice. Using this system, objective data can be observed and recorded, enabling the practitioners to create a physiological baseline and any post intervention adjustments. The workshop is offered to those practitioners who are currently engaged in the treatment of Sleep Breathing Disorders, chronic pain, TMD, and allied disorders

A New Paradigm & Opportunity for Collaboration

In the new paradigm, dentists, physicians and other healthcare practitioners will routinely monitor their patient’s physiological function and assess the risks and benefits of their treatment. In addition, treatment specifically aimed to promote and enhance physiological function will be provided. Physiological monitoring provides the communication bridge of information between practitioners. Patients suffer when physicians and dentists don’t work together. When pathology is driven by both dental and medical problems, the real solutions lie in collaboration.

Topics Covered:

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  • Initial setup of the HindexRV® system

  • Introduction to an understanding of physiological processes

  • Introduction to heart rate variability and its relationship to the autonomic nervous system

  • Utilization of HindexRV® monitoring screens

  • Sensors placement: respiration, EKG, EMG

  • Monitoring of patient’s physiology using standard reproducible protocol

  • Creating reports

  • Designing treatment to promote & enhance physiological function

  • Identify problem patients before beginning treatment

  • Monitor adjustment visits and their results

  • Use of the HHS Systems HindexRV® to provide patients with the ability to practice skills to enhance their treatment

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